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Online verdediging

On the 10th of June on 14h30 I will defend my thesis! Finally, it looks like it will actually happen. Unfortunately, this will not be possible in a normal fashion, but will happen online. This will be live streamed via this link .


For the people who saw the cover of my thesis and the layout of this website, you have probably wondered why bees are so prominant. What do bees have to do with ethylene epoxidation?

Well, nothing actually, but I've made a 3DOM support material, which looks a bit like a honeycomb under an electronmicroscope. Also, the silver particle are a yellowish color when they have the size of the silver particles described in my thesis. Ive added this honeycomb structure on the cover of my thesis in the same yellow color, which prompted the link to bees.

On the bottom right of my thesis, I've added the same hexagonal shapes, but not in the same ordered fashion. When we look at silver particles under an electron microscope, we can see they look similar to these shapes. An example of this can be found on page 30 of my thesis. In this image the particle is white as an electron microscope does not see color.

I've continued the metafor of the bees in the chapters where I've done catalysis. The bees represent the molecules and where bees pick up pollen, ethylene picks up an oxygen atom from the silver surface to form ethylene oxide. The bees which have picked up more than one package of pollen are overoxidized and represent CO2. This is formed in the side reaction, the burning of either ethylene or ethylene oxide.